winter walk

winter walk

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Looking back.

 It's the usual bustle and busyness of Christmas preparations before the holidays and not much time for new stitching so I have been looking back at some older work. This one is gold machine embroidery on soluble fabric. It is sandwiched between 2 sheets of glass and framed that way. Created way back when I was making textile jewellery and little purses.

A couple of snowy landscapes and textures- both machine and hand embroidery.
This piece was a favourite so I kept it. I have kept the pieces that I thought were significant milestones and would shape future work. The New Year will probably bring further musings. Good luck with all your preparations. I am nearly there!   


  1. I love the last three - fantastic texture and lovely muted colours. I can well see why you kept them.
    Happy Christmas!